1 Upper New Street, Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow

0404 67540


I’m delighted to have been nominated as a candidate in the forthcoming Law Society Council Elections. I would appreciate your support and ask you to consider me when casting your ballot before polling ends at 5.00pm on Thursday 27th October.

Why I am Seeking Election

I believe that smaller practices, both inside and outside of Dublin, need greater representation within the Law Society. I believe in diversity. I believe it’s important that members of differing views, from different backgrounds and with different personal experience come together to contribute to shaping the future of the Law Society, so it will always be a profession we are proud to be part of.

A brief resume

I am Principal of DM Burke, Solicitors, Arklow, Co. Wicklow, a General Practic which specialises in Family & Child Law, and Civil Litigation. I have over 20 years experience in practice, and have spent 12 years as a Sole Practitioner. My key interests are in human and dignity-based practice. I’m passionate about Children’s Rights, Social Justice & Equality and I’m a founder & director of The Guardian Children’s Project charity – a charity providing support services to children and families. I’m also a regular Media Contributor for Family Law related topics and advice.

What I Bring to the Law Society

• Commitment
• A core value base of integrity and commitment to excellence
• An interest in improving the public profile of the profession
• Experience and understanding of the challenges facing the profession, and the pressures of daily practice
• Key interest in improving and broadening the education and support of solicitors, new and old.
If you have any questions for me, please email info@dmburke.ie or call me on 0402 24370. Don’t forget to cast your vote before 5pm on Thursday 27th October!